Installation Recommendations

Wanderosa Slotwall, Insert slotwall, Perfwall, and Insert Perfwall are manufactured using engineered wood products, which are susceptible to expansion and contraction when exposed to environmental variables. Always store, handle, and/ or transport these products in dry conditions. Unpack and inspect your purchase. Condition the panels by separating them for at least 72 hours in the location of application. Two people or more should carefully handle the panels to prevent damage. If defects are found, contact Wanderosa Wood Products immediately.

Ensure the installation area is thoroughly dry, structurally sound with studs to support the panels and their subsequent merchandising loads. Plan your work. Use quality tools, fasteners and adhesives. All interior, exterior, and/ or below grade masonry walls must be waterproofed or covered with an appropriate moisture barrier.

Level and square the installation area to ensure the factory squared panel edges and grooves align exactly. Plan your installation working to the corners. Always cut the panel face down when using a circular saw. Cut panel face up when using a table saw, with a scoring blade if possible. Secure the panels through the slots using #8 screws at every 16” stud at a minimum of 9” vertically. Screws must have a minimum of 1-1/2” bite in wood stud or masonry installations. The best panel performance is achieved by using approximately one and half screws / sq. ft. and an application of quality construction adhesive on the panel back. The screws should be carefully driven through the slots so the screw head sits flush in the slot back face. Adhesive only installations are not acceptable. For panels with aluminum inserts, self tapping for metal studs the screws must be carefully driven through the insert and slot so the screw head sits flush in the insert back face. Care must be taken when fastening the outside edges. If the screws are driven too deep or to close to the outside edges, the edges will be damaged or distorted.

First level and fasten the bottom panels, particularly when panels are to be stacked greater then four feet in height. Unless otherwise specified each panel will have ½ groove edge top and bottom to provide the proper slot spacing when stacking panel to panel. Care must be taken to fasten the joints in a flush manner with quality construction adhesive and screws to create strong grooves with consistence performance and visual integrity.

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